About Us

But why should you have to settle for just a dream home? Why not allow your family to live out all of their dreams? The surrounding 46 acres of common areas were created for such dreams. In developing this community, every effort went towards creating a dreamscape; a haven for you and your loved ones. Nature was delicately enhanced to allow for a more enjoyable, immersive experience. Its beauty will welcome you– its serenity will invite you to stay.
It took over three years to carefully plan and create this unique community. Every detail of this landscape has been meticulously planned to be harmonious with its natural settings. From the hand-cut blocks of Indiana sandstone, each one drawn and placed to enhance the rolling elevation changes of the hills, to the landscaped natural earth berms, designed to seclude the community in serenity. Old-growth trees have been delicately and laboriously tagged and transplanted to enhance every part of the property, while still respecting the existing natural landscape. We sought to perfect what nature did not.
Hiking/Biking/Nature trails –
In terms of natural beauty, the trails at Lost Run Farm rival those you’d find in a state park. But they’re only available to an exclusive group: you, your neighbors, and your friends and family.
Picnic areas –
Lost Run residents can picnic at dedicated areas alongside Little Eagle Creek and the Upper Pond, or simply plop down a blanket anywhere in the 43 acres of common area. Reservations are not required.
Firepit –
The stars are overhead, framed by old-growth Indiana hardwoods. Evenings such as this call for a fire in Lost Run’s fire pit, which was inspired by the great lodges of the West.
Events Barn –
The Lost Run Events Barn is the perfect spot for indoor/outdoor gatherings, from simple family birthday parties to weddings.
2010 Indianapolis Monthly Dream Home –
Designed and built by Christopher Scott Homes, this Tuscan villa is nestled between mature trees and proudly sits atop the sloping hillside of Lot 8.
Sports Activity Meadow –
7 Acres of flat, open ground – manicured and maintained specifically for the purpose of sport. The kids should sleep well at night.
Creeks –
In order to relax and unwind, some people listen to recordings of a babbling brook. That’s fine. But we recommend the real thing – surrounded by 80 acres of natural wonder.
Creek stomp –
Whether it’s looking for crawdads in Little Eagle or Lost Run creeks, or jumping into Big Eagle’s swimming hole, there are countless places to explore and discover with your children.
Front gate –
Protected by its Indiana Sandstone wall, our grand entrance gate was hand built using old-world blacksmithing techniques. It’s all most people will ever see of this remarkable community.
Fishing –
Your hardest decision might be whether to spin fish in Lost Run’s ponds or fly fish Big or Little Eagle Creek. Either way, it won’t be crowded.